At Parkwood Healthcare we believe in keeping it simple. Simple bespoke solutions to meet our customers specific needs. We don’t deal in high volume, we work on a small number of projects at any one time, allowing us to devote our substantial experience to ensure work is delivered on time, to budget and to specification.

What we do

Community development has been at the heart of our business since the very beginning. Our foundations are built on the principles of public engagement and communication through experiences gained in the delivery of LINks contracts up until April 2013 whereby we evolved to perform the requirements of Healthwatch organisations across the UK. By building on those foundations we are now specialists in the recruitment and development of staff teams from areas of deprivation and inequality through our Health Trainer contracts which focus on empowering local communities and improving employment opportunities for local residents.

We work in close collaboration with Local Authorities in Leicester, South East Essex and Buckinghamshire to deliver Health Trainer Services. The aims of our ‘GetHealthy UK’ teams are to improve the health and well-being of residents and reduce health inequalities across the counties.

GetHealthy Coaches are trained in a range of Behaviour Change techniques and RSPH accredited Health Improvement certificates enabling them to support individuals on a one-to-one basis to achieve their goals towards a healthier lifestyle. The GetHealthy project is represented by location specific, contemporary branding, designed to engage with all age groups and encourage motivation. The project has gone from strength to strength, with thousands of individuals making positive changes to their lifestyle shown with proven, measurable outcomes

Parkwood Nurses are more than just recruiters; since we were established in 1997 our two branches, based in London and Bishop’s Stortford have always provided our clients with an exceptional level of compliant staff with a client centred approach.

Our office teams consist of managers and recruitment consultants from a diverse range of backgrounds including Healthcare Management and Nursing. Our most recent audit by the NHS reflects our quality of service where we gained platinum status (>95% compliance). With over 200 agency staff available for temporary work and permanent placements, we offer an impressive fill rate of shifts with reliable staff who possess both the relevant experience and qualifications for the role in which they are placed.

Our unique portfolio of business activities allows us to benefit from a great deal of practical experience and knowledge about a wide range of healthcare markets. In turn, this allows us to share our knowledge and experiences through our comprehensive training packages. If you are looking to invest in your workforce and expand the skills and abilities of your team, why not get in touch to see how we can help you make that improvement? We provide training to a host of clients including the public sector, private companies and third sector organisations to satisfy a variety of requirements. With Parkwood Healthcare you can rest assured that your team will benefit from the best contemporary, externally accredited training available.

Parkwood Healthcare’s approach is different from other more traditional management consultancies. We work in partnership with our clients to identify and create tailored, practical solutions that meet your exact project needs. We are honest in our expectations, open and share our best practice. We never bore clients with endless PowerPoint presentations. Instead we focus on achieving real results by making projects actually happen through effective delivery. We communicate what needs to be done clearly and assess our approach constantly. This lets us get to the heart of the issue to deliver the change project you desire.

Our mission is simple. We turn problems and ideas, into solutions. This is achieved by delivering real change and forging relationships based on trust.

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